A GriefPrevention fork with better database and API!
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GriefPreventionPlus offers better performances, data integrity, extension capabilities, it currently supports MC1.7.10 and higher (1.8.9, 1.9.4, and 1.10.2 were tested).

There's a (old) MC1.6.4 version too (thanks to @CappyT and @dedo1911)

Feedback are needed! If you found an issue, please report it! Please use the issues page on Github!

DeVcoFTB's servers use this plugin.


All builds for my plugins can be found on my personal page, or under releases.


  • If you've installed GriefPrevention, remove GriefPrevention jar from plugins folder
  • Put GriefPreventionPlus jar into plugins folder

If an existing GriefPrevention database is found, a copy will migrate to GriefPreventionPlus. Your GriefPrevention database won't be removed: you can rollback to GriefPrevention if you need!

If you're using GriefPrevention file based storage, read this: https://github.com/KaiKikuchi/GriefPreventionPlus/issues/11

###Major features

  • Get GriefPrevention's last updates on your MC 1.7.10 server!
  • MySQL database is a requirement. Removed file based storage.
  • Drastically improved database performances and reduced size: bigger servers will notice it!
  • Overall performance improvements
  • API improvements: all claims and subdivisions have an unique id
  • Less waste of resources (RAM)
  • You can use the /claim [range] command to claim land around your position!
  • Delete claims by id
  • Log entry when a player on a claim is killed by another player
  • Trust FakePlayers (add a # before the player name: /trust #[CoFH])
  • Entry permission (players can't enter claims without /entrytrust permission)
  • Autotrust players and fake players with /autotrust


  • GPP-Cities: be a mayor! make your city and invite your friends to your city!
  • GPP-SkyBlock: let your player make their own island with all the GPP features! Definitely useful for SkyFactory-like servers! (
  • GPP-RealEstate: Sell or rent claims and subclaims!
  • ForgeRestrictor: Enhanced protection for Cauldron-like servers
  • Dynmap-GPP: Add-on for Dynmap that shows claims


  • GriefPrevention's extensions don't work with GriefPreventionPlus without some little change on the code. If needed, I will fork most important GriefPrevention's extension to make it work with GriefPreventionPlus! You can ask for it!

##Support my life! Being a freelance developer is my full-time job. I really enjoy this, so I will keep doing it as long as I receive enough donations! If you like this plugin and you run it fine on your server, please consider a donation! This will keep me doing this! Thank you very much!