Lantea Maps web app - display maps and record (GPS) tracks
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This web app is mainly targeted at mobile devices and intended for people
finding their way around as well as documenting travels.

Maps are being displayed in default "Mapnik" OpenStreetMap style by default,
but other styles like Cycle Map or Transport Map are available.

The second feature is "tracking" of locations, meaning the ability to display
your location and record a track of your movements for documentation.
This track (most useful if you have a GPS receiver in or connected to your
device) can be saved in GPX format. You can use those saved files with many
applications to display them and show others where you have been or e.g. edit
OpenStreetMap on the basis of that recorded information.

Note that Lantea Maps does not send any location data to anyone else, it's
recorded locally on your device only.

The app name "Lantea" is based on a fictional mostly-ocean planet in the
"Stargate: Atlantis" TV series, on which the Ancients placed the artificial
"island" city of Atlantis.

This app is listed in the Mozilla Marketplace at
and is running on

The main repo is;a=summary but it's
listed on GitHub at for convenience for
potential contributors. See the TODO for tasks that you can help with.

Please don't use GitHub for issue tracking but