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Virtual Reality Map (WebVR experiment)
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VR Map

A WebVR demo that presents OpenStreetMap data in a virtual reality environment right inside the browser.

The VR environment is built with Mozilla's A-Frame library, with some components added to the default set, and sometimes reaching to Three.js underneath to achieve some things that A-Frame doesn't support by itself.

Currently, three types of objects are being displayed:

  • Tiles: The ground layer is using OpenStreetMap Mapnik tiles via KaiRo's tilecache server. Each tiles uses a single , sized appropriately for tiles at the given coordinates.
  • Trees: nodes with natural=tree tags are rendered as trees, taking into account height, circumference and diameter_crown for sizing as well as leaf_type for using a standard needleleaved or broadleaved (for everything else) tree template.
  • Buildings: Any way or relation with a building tag is rendered as a building. Its outline (with appropriate holes if required) is extruded to the height (or building:levels multiplied by 3), with a default height of 15m (or outline length divided by 5 if that's smaller). min_height and building:min_level as well as building:colour are respected, but building parts or roofs are not supported (yet).

General limitations:

  • The initial center coordinate set is hardcoded. While the code supports GPS coordinates from around the world, the default right now is just outside KaiRo's front door in Vienna, Austria.
  • Only a small area is loaded by default and no further data is added as you move around.
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