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Note: This repository and extension are presently not being maintained.


Homepage | Changelog

Download: Chrome Web Store (v1.4) | Firefox (v1.3.1d)



I was browsing FurAffinity one day, and it occurred to me that there was no perfect way to browse through a user’s gallery. I was also browsing Tumblr around the same time, and I was using the J/K scrolling along with Missing e’s extra shortcuts (such as L for like and R for reblog). This inspired me to create a similar solution for FurAffinity. A couple days later, KeyAffinity was finally born.

This simple script is an extension for both Chrome and Firefox that allows you to browse FurAffinity with ease. A list of the shortcuts available for use is available below. KeyAffinity is available for free on the Chrome Web Store and on Mozilla Addons.

If you enjoy this extension and would like to support further development, please consider donating via PayPal.


Submission pages:

▶ - Next Submission
◀ - Previous Submission
F - Favorite Submission
C - Jump to Comment box (also works on Journals)
/ - Change image size
D - Download submission


M - Go to new messages page
B - Go to browse page
S - Go to Search page
Alt-? - Toggle Help window

On Messages Page:

Alt-S - Nuke Submissions
Alt-C - Nuke Submission Comments
Alt-W - Nuke Watches
Alt-H - Nuke Shouts
Alt-J - Nuke Journals

On a User's profile:

W - Watch user
N - Note user

###Planned Features

  • Thumbnail arrow key browsing
    • Coming after FA's Redesign
  • Previous/Next functionality on Gallery pages
  • Custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Localization of options, about, etc. (at least Spanish)
  • Improve fix for FA Previewer incompatibility (currently only a temporary fix)

###Known Bugs

  • No shortcut for nuking Journal Comments.
  • Control - W (and theoretically Cmd - W) causes Watch/Unwatch to trigger if next tab is a user page
  • Popup box links unreadable in FA Light theme
  • Firefox: End-of-gallery detection not working (found by Mozilla Reviewer)
  • Jumping to submission after clicking on a new comment notification. (workaround: disable submission jump in options)

###Special Thanks

  • Mai
  • Users who provided suggestions on the FA Forums
  • GetSatisfaction users who provided suggestions and bug reports

KeyAffinity Copyright 2013 Kobi Tate, distributed under the terms of GNU GPL v3 (or later).