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jQuery Easing Plugin

What is it? A jQuery plugin from GSGD to give advanced easing options. More info here

For CDN please use CloudFlare http://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery-easing/1.3/jquery.easing.min.js to help my host. Thank you.


If you're coming here because of a popup on your site I'm sorry, but the increased hotlinking has caused me issues with my hosting company so I'm taking steps to try and sort it out. Please upload the script to your own server and update any urls pointing to gsgd.co.uk to use that version of the file or you could try using the above url for CDN (though this currently only has the 1.3 easing script, look at http://cdnjs.com/ for more info and maybe try and add any missing files/versions still in use).

Please also note, I have no problem with anyone's use of the plugin without my knowledge or permission, it's just the hotlinking that's causing me a headache.

If you email me at hotlinking@gsgd.co.uk I'm happy to try and exclude your website while you sort this out though I can't guarantee how long it'll take me to get through all the requests. Please follow these two simple steps on how to format your email:

  1. please use remove in the subject line

  2. please have the domain(s) you want excluded on their own on separate lines without any http/www prefix (eg: domain.com not http://www.domain.com)

Still none the wiser?

If you have no idea why your site is hotlinking my script it's likely because a theme or other plugin you're using on your website has included it for you. Your best bet is to ask the person who set up your website to help you remove it. You could also contact the plugin/theme author to ensure they update the plugin (especially if it's not free).

Many thanks


Good walkthrough on how to remove from WP ACCORDION SLIDER http://serpastian.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/please-stop-hotlinking-my-easing-script.html might help other wordpress users as well.

Themeforest (Impulse/Vendor) theme users:

http://themeforest.net/item/impulse-clean-magazine-theme/discussion/1500221 http://themeforest.net/item/vendor-premium-wordpress-portfolio-theme/discussion/224169#comment_3812070

Zen Cart users: