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Optimization based GNN attack and defense

In this work, we first propose a novel gradient-based graph neural networks (GNNs) attack method that facilitates the difficulty of tackling discrete graph data. When comparing to current adversarial attacks on GNNs, the results show that by only perturbing a small number of edge perturbations (including addition and deletion), our optimization-based attack can lead to a noticeable decrease in classification performance. Moreover, leveraging our gradientbased attack, we propose the first optimizationbased adversarial training for GNNs.

Cite this work:

Kaidi Xu*, Hongge Chen*, Sijia Liu, Pin-Yu Chen, Tsui-Wei Weng, Mingyi Hong and Xue Lin, "Topology Attack and Defense for Graph Neural Networks: An Optimization Perspective", IJCAI 2019. (* Equal Contribution)

  title={Topology Attack and Defense for Graph Neural Networks: An Optimization Perspective},
  author={Xu, Kaidi and Chen, Hongge and Liu, Sijia and Chen, Pin-Yu and Weng, Tsui-Wei and Hong, Mingyi and Lin, Xue},
  booktitle = "International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI)",


The code is tested with python3.6 and TensorFlow v1.13. Please use miniConda to manage your Python environments. The following Conda packages are required:

conda install python==3.6
conda install numpy scipy tensorflow-gpu 
grep 'AMD' /proc/cpuinfo >/dev/null && conda install nomkl

After installing prerequisites, clone this repository:

git clone
cd GCN_ADV_Train

Train a Natural Model

To train a natural Cora model, simply run:


This will train a natural GCN model on Cora dataset and save it at nat_cora directory.

Train a Robust Model

To train a robust Cora model, you first need to train a natural model to get the predicted labels. In, the predicted labels will be saved when the natural model training is done. Then simply run


This will train a robust GCN model using the method proposed in our paper on Cora dataset and save it at rob_cora directory.

Attack a Model

To attack the model we just trained, run

python --model_dir=nat_cora

You can also change the value of --model_dir to attack models in other directories. You may use --method to choose the attack method. Default method is PGD, we also have Carlini & Wagner style attack, which is ---method=CW.


Adversarial training for Graph Neural Networks



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