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Ported Theme of Hux Blog, Thank Huxpro for designing such a flawless theme.

Demo →


I didn't publish it as a single theme folder because a few of the pages are added and modified manually, so you should manually create some extra folders in source for the new pages and modify the _config.yml if you only have the single theme folder.

So i just pushed the whole hexo project for your convenience, all pre settings and boilerplates are included, have a look and go ahead customizing your own blog!

git clone https://github.com/Kaijun/hexo-theme-huxblog.git
cd hexo-theme-huxblog
npm install

Modify _config.yml file with your own info. Especially the section:

  type: git
  repo: https://github.com/Kaijun/hexo-theme-huxblog
  branch: gh-pages

Replace with your own repo!

hexo new post IMAPOST
hexo serve // run hexo in local environment
hexo clean && hexo deploy // hexo will push the static files automatically into the specific branch(gh-pages) of your repo!

Please Star this Project if you like it! Following would also be appreciated!