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Gog On Linux


	This project is a collection of two scripts (and some python libraries)
and its goal is to provide an easy to use platform to play gog 
( games on a GNU/Linux system. 

Each supported game will be installed using a series of patches provided by team and will be tested and stable to run on most
Linux distributions.

gog-tux is the GUI client that will be installed, it can be used to log onto
a account and download/install/launch/uninstall the desired gog games.

gog-installer is a cli implementation that can be used to install, setup and
uninstall games.



	To install the desired version of the gogonlinux project, untar the 
source package (.tar.gz) and execute "python install" as root. This 
will setup the required python libraries and install gog-tux and gog-installer
on your machine.



To run this software the following python libraries are required:

- python-glade2 
- python-oauth2 (notice the 2, it's important)
- python-requests

(names are based on debian/ubuntu repository naming and may vary depending
on your own distro's package manager)

NOTE: on (x)ubuntu 12.04 the python-requests-package is incompatible with
gogonlinux, it's recommended you use pip to install the requests-package.


Without the following programs installed on your system you won't be able to 
install and run the games, so please install them before you run the gog client.

- wine ( is required to run windows (.exe) games
- winetricks is a wine script required to setup some wine games
- scummvm ( is required for some old adventure games
- dosbox ( is required for most old dos videogames
- innoextract ( is required to extract and
	setup the .exe installers downloaded from

For an ease of use, please download the aforementioned programs from your 
distribution's package manager (i.e. apt-get for ubuntu). 



If you have any bug to submit or question to ask, feel free to send an e-mail
to the author of this project: