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Project: PIA-Tunnel VM

PIA-Tunnel VM is a series of scripts designed to share an openVPN connection with your network. It is designed to run stand alone on a virtual machine or RaspberryPi.

DO NOT run PIA-Tunnel VM on a multiuser system because it contains scripts to allow the webUI to change the root password, apply firewall rules and other things. Users with command line access could use these scripts to gain root access!


PIA-Tunnel VM supports Debian 8, Raspberry Pi (Raspbian Lite) or FreeBSD (work in progress).
It supports port forwarding, failover locations, LAN segments, offers a SOCKS5 proxy server (RasPi and FreeBSD), DHCP server and lease view (phpdhcpd) and the transmission torrent client with support for writing files onto a local NAS.

The included web interface makes it easy to setup connections and get the system configured for your network.
The included shell scripts make it possible to control the system from the command line as well.

PIA-Tunnel VM started out as a virtual machine for VMware Workstation, Player and ESXi with support for
It has since been updated to offer

  • support for more VPN proviers out of the box and offers support to add custom .ovpn files
  • also tested on KVM, XEN, Hyper-V and other virtual machine solutions
  • full support for Raspberry Pi which makes it possible to create a stand alone VPN router with a simple webUI


Author: Mirko Kaiser,
Support development with Bitcoins !thank you! 16moftUyJeyGSCHEtE8bPFE9Ubg4j3SdKG

First created in Germany on 2013-07-20
License: New BSD License

Copyright (c) 2016, Mirko Kaiser,
All rights reserved.


  • Open by design, script based with no binaries
  • Simple Web-interface and/or command line support
  • Can provide complete network isolation (leak protection)
  • SOCKS 5 proxy for LAN or VM LAN segment. compatible
  • Port forwarding to 1 IP on your LAN or private VM LAN (requires VPN provider support)
  • Supports, HideMyAss, iVPN, HideIPVPN and FrootVPN out of the box
  • Use your own Linux installation by following the steps in the "setup" subdirectory

Getting Started and Setup Instructions



Linux VPN router VM designed to share an openVPN connection with your network




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