relays the time offset (as a server) provided by SIP-Pi to localhost UDP programs on request
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DeLorean-Mail Connect

This is a simple program used to relay the offset given by SIP-Pi to others via TCP. It receives the offset via TCP from any SIP-Pi client (can only connect to one at the same time) using the Future Gadget Protocol. It distributes the offset to the postfix filter on request (which needs to run on the same machine as this program)
It listens on Port 4242 for incoming TCP connections and port 1337 for communication via localhost via UDP.
With ANY SIP-Pi client, i mean really every SIP-Pi client in this world can connect, first come first served :D
No password authentification is implementend yet, use at your own risk!

FGP – Future Gadget Protocol:

REQTO : request current time offset
RCVTO (int hours) : receive/set time offset (int hours)
RCVOK : successfully received new offset
MAILD : sent when mail processed
ELPSY : used for connection keepalive
KONGROO : used for connection keepalive

How to install

Clone this repository into your favourite location then hit make dmail-connect Then simply run dmail-connect. Put it into the autostart if needed with your favourite method.

Ideas not implemented yet:

  • Authentification through password for client
  • encryption?
  • listening to single IP address
  • cleaning up the code, creating classes for socket and stuff
  • Autostart scripts