Forms and Document classes to make quick work of building Windows SDI Desktop applications.
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Kajabity.DocForms is a collection of WinForms classes to provide all those standard 'Boiler Plate' file handling features of a Windows Desktop application. These classes have been refactored from applications I've written over recent years and I am find I use them regularly for quickly putting together new applications.

This repository contains several sub-projects:

  • Kajabity.DocForms - a DLL project providing a collection of utilities for .NET projects.
  • Kajabity.DocForms.Test - a suite of NUnit tests for Kajabity.DocForms.
  • Samples - a collection of sample Desktop application projects illustrating the use of some of Kajabity.DocForms utility classes, as well as other NuGets I have published.

See the Releases section on GitHub to download copies of code, DLL exe's and NuGets.

Kajabity.DocForms DLL is a strongly named assembly and is available from as Kajabity.DocForms.

This code originally formed part of the Kajabity Tools library.
Full documentation is available at


  • SingleDocumentForm is an extension of System.Windows.Forms.Form providing standard file handling functionality linked to a document type.
  • Document extend this abstract base class to represent each file (document) type.
  • SingleDocumentManager abstract base class to extend to implement Load/Save/New document functionality.

File handling:

  • Open file
  • New File
    • Set default filename and extension
  • Save File, Save File as
    • Backup original file on Save
  • Close file
  • Open recent file
    • Configurable number of recent files and display length
  • Exit application

In addition, these features easily support:

  • Standard file handling menu items and tool strip items.
  • Drag and drop files onto application.