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I have started developing from QtGui but last time I deal with QtQuick (version 2.0 from Qt5) because it is more perspective technology.

You can execute ./configure to get Makefile to build all QML-related things. You can find some explanations what will happen if you execute it below.


Interfacing OCaml with QtQuick is performed via C++ compatibility layer. There is a generator which parses input file in JSON format and generates C++ classes. Its sources are located in ../src. Generator does not depend on any C++ libraries, only OCaml ones: core, ocamlgraph, yojson. To build it will be enough to execute cd ../src && ./configure && ocamlbuild mocml/mocml.native

Helper library

In lib you can find a library for exposing OCaml-created object to QtQuick runtime. It does not have any special OCaml dependencies. Just don't forget to set correct LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variables before building.

Test example

Test example can be found in test. There is Makefile there to build it. This example uses custom component Qt.labs.FolderListModel which can be built using build_folderlistmodel script (it will be called by generated Makefile too). You can built example itself using Makefile. Script ./configure generates some files using mocml generator mentioned before. Don't forget to add symlink to it if it doesn't exists: ln -s ../../src/mocml.native mocml.

N.B. This example is OCamlBrowser clone and it depends on compiler-libs ocamlfind package. Thats why you need ocaml(>=4.00.1).

After that you can run make and get ./main executable. I usually test it by running

./main -I `ocamlc -where` -I `ocamlfind query core`
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