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This is description how inheritance for C++ widgets should work in OCaml. Below we deal with protected method void QWidget::keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent*).

What we want from inheritance mechanism?

  1. If method is not overriden, everything will work as without inheritance.
  2. If method is overriden in OCaml, methods from C++ should know about it.

Take a look at simplified class QWidget:

class QWidget {
  virtual void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent*);

Let's create QWidget_twin class for overriding method keyPressEvent.

class QWidget_twin: public QWidget {
   virtual void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent* ) { ... }

Also we will add method call_super_keyPressEvent for executing default realisation:

virtual void call_super_keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent * ev) {

OCaml values stub_keyPressEvent: qWidget -> qKeyEvent -> unit and stub_super_keyPressEvent:qWidget -> qKeyEvent -> unit will execute methods QWidget_twin::keyPressEvent and QWidget_twin::call_super_keyPressEvent accordingly.

Now we will define base class in OCaml:

class qWidget me = object
  method handler = me
  method keyPressEvent e = stub_super_KeyPressEvent me e 

We use such body of keyPressEvent because default implementation in OCaml should execute default implementation in C++. Now define another class

class mywidget me = object
  inherit qWidget me as super
  method handler = me
  method keyPressEvent e =  print_endline "inerited realisation"

The last step is to explain C++ to check if method is inherited in OCaml. If true than call OCaml implementation else execute default implementation.

class QWidget_twin : public QWidget {
  virtual void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent*) {
    // grab OCaml object and execute method keyPressEvent from OCaml object

If method is overriden than new realisation will be executed else value stub_super_keyPressEvent will be executed and QWidget_twin::call_super_keyPressEvent after that.

Aditional comments?

How to inherit abstract class in C++ (for example QAbstractButton). I think that best way is to make QAbstractButton_twin class where all pure virtual methods will be implemented by calling associated OCaml methods. In Ocaml abstract methods should be marked as virtual. No other changes needed, I think.

P.S. Applouses for gds who has generated many ideas about implementing inheritance this way.

P.P.S. коммент от f[x]: вариант на память - камлевый qwidget это внутри рекорд с кложурками, с сишной стороны это отнаследованный класс. все методы переопределены так что они сначала смотрят в табличку кложурок и дёргают их если есть (от меня - прям как в qtHaskell)

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