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Halfminer Repositories

Modification repository for Minecraft Server Two and a half Miner. All modules are currently compatible with version 1.16.3 of Spigot/Paper.

Halfminer TeamSpeak Bot can be found here.

Current Modules

  • HalfminerSystem - Base plugin API containing shared functionality and a centralized storage system.
    • HalfminerBattle - Battle arena Bukkit/Spigot plugin implementing various arena based game modes.
    • HalfminerCore - Core Bukkit/Spigot plugin containing Minecraft server modifications for various aspects of the game.
    • HalfminerHaro - Converts the entire server into a Halfminer Roleplay server.
    • HalfminerLand - Land protection and management plugin.
    • HalfminerREST - Bukkit plugin running a lightweight REST HTTP server responding in JSON.

⚠️ All modules are specifically tailored for our needs over at, and thus many features may not be toggleable/configurable. The default localization is German and some localized strings are configured specifically for our server. Feel free to fork and fix/translate the plugin to your likings. It is presently fully localizable via the plugins configuration file.