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Halfminer Battle

Battle Arena Bukkit/Spigot plugin with multiple battle modes.

Current features

  • Full battle arena solution allowing easy addition of new arena battle modes
  • Seamless integration into existing Survival PvP worlds
  • Optimized for performance, battle tested and generally robust
  • Localization configurable, commands are clickable
  • Battle Modes
    • Global functionality
      • Endless amount of arenas
      • Custom kits per arena
        • Adds item lore to kits to easily identify possibly extracted items from a badly secured arena
        • Can toggle inventory store to disk, to prevent any inventory data loss from ever ocurring
          • Command /hmb openinventory [filename] allows retrieval of said items by file name
            • Add -r flag to automatically restore while player is online
          • Automatically cleaning up old files
        • Must assign kit first to activate arena, empty kit can be set via /hmb setkit mode arenaname -e
      • Recovers players completely after fight (position, health/status, inventory if kit was used, potion effects)
        • Sets gamemode to adventure during fight
        • If a player has received non battle drops during battle, the items will be removed during battle and restored after
      • Allows damage dealing even if hit is being cancelled by other plugins, for example due to fighting a clan member
      • Prevents teleporting into arenas via teleport delay glitches (Essentials /tpa)
        • Prevents teleport of tameable mobs, such as wolves, into arenas
      • Games can be force ended with /hmb forceend
      • Configurable custom permissions, that will be added during arena stay (useful for bypasses for other plugins)
        • Individual permissions per battle mode
      • Disables while in battle:
        • Hunger loss in duel (optional)
        • Item dropping/pickup (dropped items will be deleted if not using own equipment)
        • Command usage
        • Opening of crafting tables, anvils etc.
        • Crafting in general
        • Entering a bed
    • Duel mode
      • Robust queue system
        • Not using a per arena queue, if all arenas are in use the next battle automatically starts once one becomes vacant
        • Kicks player from queue
          • on disconnect
          • when engaging in PvP outside of arena
          • when entering a bed, since it prevents teleportation
        • Cooldown after leaving queue
      • Duelling per request (/duel playername) or via automatic matching (/duel match)
        • Players can request duel with own equipment, use /duel playername nokit, must be accepted with additional nokit parameter
        • When waiting too long for match will broadcast that a player is waiting (configurable)
        • Will start duel if a player duel requests a player that is waiting for a match
      • Dynamic arena selection system, only shows vacant arenas
        • Randomly selects player to choose the map
          • Sends message to non selecting player if selecting player chose the Random option
      • Kills player if he logs out during battle and ensures that opponent gets the kill counted
      • Shows current arena status with /duel list
      • Countdown before game start
      • Set maximum game time in config
    • FFA mode
      • Teleport cooldown before teleporting into and out of arena
        • Players can select which arena to enter
      • Custom kit in arena
      • Players in same arena are colored in tablist
        • Use /ffa list to see all arenas and currently playing players
        • Players glow while in arena (configurable)
      • Custom killstreaks
        • Define what should happen at which streak in customactions.txt
          • Supports commands, custom item drops, messaging (see HalfminerSystem CustomAction functionality)
        • Kill (and death) streaks shown in scoreboard
      • Logging out causes immediate death (or counts kill towards last hitting player)
      • Players get kicked from arena after configurable streak of deaths
        • They will remain banned for configured amount of time
      • Auto respawn in arena while keeping items
        • Players get PvP protected for 5 seconds after (re-)spawning
      • Arena can be left via command /ffa leave
      • Arena selection screen (only shown when more than one arenas are available) shows players currently in arena