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Halfminer Haro

Halfminer Roleplay (Haro) plugin, that fully converts a given server into a Haro gamemode server.

Current features

  • This plugin is meant to fully convert your server into a Haro server, and thus not really compatible with other Arena plugins, like HalfminerBattle.
  • Implements it's own whitelist, only added players can join, or players that have the permission hmh.admin.
    • Added players can always join the server, even if the game wasn't started yet, use Vanilla whitelist in conjuction to prevent this if necessary.
  • When the game is running, shows the time left and playercount in the tablist.
    • Kicks players after their playtime is over.
    • Displays countdown to warn players before their time is running out.
    • Kicks a player after being eliminated from the game.
  • Custom health mode, where players don't get eliminated after dying and instead lose health.
    • Elimination only happens in PvP.
    • Max/min health configurable.
    • Configurable health gain for PvP killer.
    • Configurable health loss on non PvP death.
    • Custom health will be reset when players leave the server.
  • Commands
    • /haro <add|remove> <Player>
      • Add or remove a player from the game.
      • Added players can join the server before the game was started.
      • Players can be removed during the game, which will set them eliminated and kick them if online.
      • Players that haven't joined the server before can also be added.
    • /haro addtime <-day|-all|Player> [time]
      • Add play time to either all players or a specific player.
      • When using /haro addtime -day, all players will get the time in seconds specified in config.
        • Set this command to execute whenever a new day is starting via some external task scheduler.
      • To remove time from a player, use a negative value.
      • Players who are online will receive a notification that their playtime was changed.
      • Will take into account the maximum time a player can accumulate.
    • /haro end
      • End the currently running game, by resetting it's state and clearing all added players.
      • Will print a warning, if more than one player is still in the game.
    • /haro setspawn
      • Will set the spawn point to the location the executing player is currently at.
      • Spawn point will be used for respawns, and as the starting point when the game starts.
      • Access the spawn point by using /harospawn (or /spawn, if not overloaded).
    • /haro start
      • Start a game, at least two players must be added to the game.
      • Will run custom commands defined in the config file once when the game starts.
      • Will run custom commands to initialize all online players, players who are not online during the start will be initialized after their first join.
        • Configurable max health on game start.
      • Will teleport all players to the specified spawn point, if their distance to it is higher than specified in the config file.
      • Will add the starting time (specified in config file) to all players as their remaining time left.
    • /haro status
      • Prints current game information (is the game running/over?).
      • Shows all added players, their online/elimination status, and their remaining time, if not yet eliminated.
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