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Halfminer Land

Bukkit plugin offering the ability for players to securely claim and manage their land using WorldGuard as it's protection backend.

Current features

  • Integrates with WorldGuard to offer robust land protection
    • Additionally to WorldGuard, handles ...
      • Blocks lava and water from flowing into protected land
      • Block certain commands via config in other players lands, like /sethome (bypass permission available)
        • Takes command aliases into account automatically
        • Subcommands can be blocked aswell
      • Blocks enderpearls and PvP in protected regions
      • Blocks access to chest/hopper minecarts
  • Land will be marked as abandoned after a player has been offline for a configurable amount of time
    • Abandoned land can be stolen and is no longer protected until the owning player logs back in again once
  • Localization configurable, commands are clickable
  • Data stored in flatfile .yml files
  • Shows land status change on chunk move in titles
    • If PvP status was toggled (checks WorldGuard PvP flag)
    • If land owner changed
    • Custom titles that can be set via /hml customtitle <Title>
  • If a player has no land and is placing blocks on unprotected land they will be notified about it (notification percentage configurable)
  • Commands
    • /land buy [server]
      • Buy the land the executing player is currently standing on
      • Exponential and configurable land cost formula
        • First land is always free
        • Set base cost and maximum cost
      • Shows chunk particles and cost first, purchase has to be confirmed
      • Disable worlds or set minimum required coordinates to purchase land via config
        • No other players can be on the land for the purchase to be confirmed
        • Land that is protected by WorldGuard cannot be bought
      • Support for free lands, that can be granted via /hml free <player>
        • Shows a message how many free lands are left after player used a free land
        • Free lands do not increase the price for the next paid land and are being handled seperately
        • Operator permission for unlimited free lands available
      • Allows operators with the permission to buy land owned by the server which won't ever be marked as abandoned
        • All players with hml.ownsserverland permission have full access to land
    • /land sell [force]
      • Sell the land the executing player is currently standing on
      • Requires confirmation analogous to /land buy
      • No other players can be on the land for the sell to be confirmed
      • Pays back a configurable percentage of the money the player has paid for his most recently purchased land
        • If land that is being sold was a free land no money will be paid back
      • Allows operators with the permission to force sell land for other players
        • If land owner is online it will notify him
        • Refund amount shown in chat to allow manual refund
    • /land info
      • Shows particles for land executing player is currently standing on
      • If land is already owned, shows owner, teleport point (if applicable) and friends added to this land
    • /land friend <add|remove> <Friend> [all|connected]
      • Adds or removes a player as a friend to a land
        • If all parameter is specified, the given player will be added/removed to all lands
        • If connected parameter is specified, the given player will be added/removed to all lands connected to the current land
      • Friend limit per land is configurable (bypass permission available)
    • /land teleport <buy|set|delete> <Teleport>
      • Buy/set a teleport to the position you are currently standing on
        • Can only be set if player owns land
          • Only one teleport per land
        • Custom cost for buy and set configurable
        • Max amount of teleports per player configurable (permission for unlimited teleports available)
        • Purchased teleport is globally accessible via /landtp
      • Teleports for abandoned land can optionally be stolen
      • Max/min length for teleport name configurable, no special characters for teleports (bypass permission available)
      • Blacklist for teleport names (bypass permission available)
      • Bypass permission for operators to be able to delete any teleport available
    • /land list [player]
      • Opens a menu that shows all owned lands, their world, coordinates and teleport names (if applicable)
        • Shows lands with teleport at the front
      • Can be called from console, which will output a non menu based list
      • Lookup other players lands, requires permission
        • List all land owned by server with /land list -s
      • Teleport to a land by clicking on it, will mark the chunk with particles after teleport (requires permission)
    • /land fly
      • Toggles fly mode on owned land, or land where a player was added as a friend
        • Disables fly when leaving land, reenables it when entering owned/friendly land
        • Disables fly when leaving the server or entering combat with players
      • Custom cost and duration to fly
      • Automatically renews fly if currently used
    • /landtp [teleport]
      • Teleport to a public teleport point
        • If player owns the teleport point a delay will be added to prevent teleports being used as private homes (bypass available)
      • If no teleport argument is given opens a menu that displays all owned teleports and all teleports owned by other online players
        • Always shows every owned teleport by executing player
        • Shows pinned teleports in top line of menu with enchantment effect
          • Pinned teleports are always visible, even if owning player is offline
          • Default material for server land can be configured
      • Teleports into abandoned lands are disabled, if teleport stealing is enabled shows command to steal teleport name
    • /hml <customtitle|forcewgrefresh|flytime|free|pintp|reload|save|status>
      • Reload the configuration
      • Save board data on disk
      • View global land status
        • Total amount of land owned
          • Per world breakdown
        • Total amount of teleports
        • Total amount of free and abandoned land
      • Forces all WorldGuard regions to be regenerated (can take a while)
      • See the current free land amount a player can buy or change it
      • Pin (and unpin) a teleport point at the top in the /landtp menu
      • Specify a custom title for a currently owned land via /hml customtitle [title], remove it by using /hml customtitle -c
      • Get and set the remaining fly time (for /land fly)