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Halfminer REST Server

Bukkit plugin running a REST HTTP server, responding in JSON.

To use SSL it is recommended to setup a reverse proxy pointing to the configured port, such as nginx, while blocking direct access via firewall.

Current features

  • Includes very light HTTP server (nanohttpd)
  • Define port and whitelisted IP's via config
    • Toggle proxy mode to read real IP from header if running behind reverse proxy
  • Returns JSON messages
  • REST Commands
    • /player
      • GET /<uuid|playername>[/stats|/nodashes]
        • Get a players last known name from UUID or vice versa
        • Adds dashes to UUID's, if not supplied
        • Returns namechanged boolean, true if supplied username is not current one
        • If /stats argument supplied via URI, will append all recorded stats about player
        • If /nodashes argument supplied, will remove dashes from returned UUID
    • /status
      • GET
        • Get the current player count
    • /storage
      • Data creation/modification/retrieval, where URI is the path to the given resource
      • DELETE /<path[/...]>[content:key&...]
        • Delete a whole section or just the values at the supplied keys
      • GET /<path[/...]>[?:key&...]
        • Get the whole section or just the values at the supplied keys
      • POST/PUT /<path[/...]>[content:key=value&...&expiry=seconds]
        • Add data to the given path, supplied via content body as application/x-www-form-urlencoded
          • POST only for creation, not modification, PUT for both
        • Expiry timestamp can be passed as part of the content body, otherwise default of one hour will be used
          • Timestamp always refers to whole section, even if only a single key was updated, pass 0 for no expiry