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Halfminer System

Base Spigot plugin API for Minecraft Server Two and a half Miner.

Contains handlers, caches and utilities that are shared between all Halfminer Bukkit/Spigot plugins in this repository.

Current features

  • Central HalfminerManager serves as hub for persistence across plugins
    • Manages configuration file updates
    • (Un-)registers classes from Bukkit event manager implementing Listener interface
    • Registered classes may implement additional interfaces …
      • Disableable - to be called when the parent plugin shuts down
      • Reloadable - to be called when the plugins config was reloaded
      • Sweepable - to be called in a set interval for cleanup
  • Caches
    • ActionProbabilityContainer
      • Class reading a list containing key:value pairings, where key is the probability as a number relative to other list elements and value is the action name
        • Example: List containing 2:action1 and 1:action2 has 66,6% chance to run action1, 33,3% to run action2
      • Returns a random CustomAction on demand
    • CustomAction
      • Reads customactions.txt in plugin directory and executes defined actions
        • Uses CustomtextCache syntax, where chapter is action name and content is a list of actions
      • Supports placeholders for every action
        • Custom placeholders can be passed before execution of action
        • %PLAYER% and %PLAYER1-N% always active
      • Currently supported actions
        • players |number|: define a minimum amount of players that must be passed to this action to execute
        • hasroom |number| [stacksize]: execution flow will only continue if given amount of slots are free, optional stacksize parameter that will divide the given number
        • cmd |command|: execute command as console
        • give |customitem|: hands out customitem defined in customitems.txt
        • broadcast |message|: broadcast a given message
        • tell |message|: send a given message to main player
      • Stops execution flow if previous action fails
        • Example: If broadcast action is below give action and item could not be given, there will be no broadcast
    • CustomitemCache
      • Uses CustomtextCache syntax
      • Chaptername is itemname
      • First line in chapter must be Minecraft Material name
      • Supports %PLAYER% placeholder (player name that receives item) and custom ones can be passed aswell
      • Available item customisations
        • itemid: data ID or durability, number as argument
        • name: itemname, supporting & as color code character
        • lore: custom item lore, lines are separated with | character, supports color
        • enchant: custom enchants, separate enchantment name and level with :, can include multiple per line
        • skullowner: set the owner of the skull, only works if given material is SKULL_ITEM
      • Will throw ItemCacheException if item wasn't given to player
    • CustomtextCache
      • Flatfile based text cache, segmented in chapters
      • To mark a chapter, use #chaptername argument (argument optional and not limited to one, case insensitive)
        • Supports aliases via ,, like #chaptername argument,alias argument
        • Supports wildcards via *, like #chaptername argument * or #chaptername *
        • Supports inlined aliases via |, like #chapter subchapter|subchapteralias
      • Automatic replacement of & with Minecraft color code
      • If line ends with space char, add next line to current line
  • Handlers
    • BossBar
      • Send bossbar to specific player or broadcast
      • Set time until bar fades out
      • Broadcast bar and player bar separate, only one bar at a time for each
    • Hooks
      • Hooks external soft-dependant plugins
      • Checks if plugins are loaded
      • Shortcuts to external API
    • Menu
      • Opens inventory based menus, classes must implement MenuCreator interface to create them
        • Get all currently opened menus that were created by a given MenuCreator
      • Prevents entering/removing items from menu
      • Classes can optionally pass a MenuClickHandler to handle inventory interaction
      • Automatically adds pagination, previous/next page buttons will be added if necessary
        • Pagination constants can be configured, such as items per page
    • Storage
      • Data stored in YAML flatfiles
        • Player data storage
          • Collects default information about every player
            • Online time
            • Last login time
            • Current and past usernames (does broadcast if name was changed)
        • UUID<>Username storage/cache
          • Database is being built automatically when a player logs in
        • Storage for other types of data
        • Changes are being autosaved
      • Can easily be queried via Bukkit YAML API
        • Get HalfminerPlayer object to grab stored user data
        • Thread safe
      • Holds CustomtextCache's
    • Teleport
      • Disallows movement before teleport
        • Displays a countdown bossbar before teleport
        • Change default time in config
      • Stop teleport when player is taking damage
      • Execute runnable after successful (or unsuccessful) teleport
      • Only one teleport at a time per player
    • Titles
      • Send main title/subtitle
        • Send title with delay, to prioritize titles
      • Send actionbar title
      • Send tablist header/footer
  • Utils
    • MessageBuilder
      • Used for messaging, broadcasting and logging of messages
      • Supports custom placeholders
      • Supports clickable commands via ~ prefix and encapsulation of command with /
      • Supports colors via & code
    • NMSUtils
      • Collection of static methods accessing NMS (net.minecraft.server) and CraftBukkit classes
      • References must be updated manually, as no reflection is being used
      • Set the last killer of a player, get players ping and send title/tablist packets
    • StringArgumentSeparator
      • Helper class splitting a given string and allowing easy access of arguments
      • Allows to easily retrieve numbers from the given String
    • Utils
      • Collection of miscellaneous static methods
      • Object to String converters, String filters, macros etc.