Fix (NieR) Automata Resolution
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Fix (NieR) Automata Resolution

For help and/or questions, please post in the FAR thread over on the Steam discussion boards.

For more instructions and guides on how to use FAR, see this Tweak Guide over on the Steam guides for NieR:Automata.

Main Features

  • Fixes native fullscreen resolution
  • Allows adjusting Global Illumination for a performance boost.
  • Allows adjusting the resolution of Bloom and Ambient Occlusion effects to the current framebuffer resolution.
  • Includes a freecam look.
  • Includes a framerate unlocker.

Framerate Unlocker

The framerate unlocker is known to break cutscenes and scripting in the game. Use at your own risk!

Steps to enable the framerate unlocker:

  1. Disable V-Sync in-game
  2. Disable the built-in frame limiter of FAR (set it to 0)
  3. Enable Remove 60 FPS Cap
  4. (optional) Edit RefreshRate=-1 in dxgi.ini to override the default 60 Hz refresh rate of the game.



Keybinding Function
Ctrl + Shift + O Toggle On Screen Display (OSD)
Keyboard: Ctrl + Shift + Backspace
Gamepad: Back/Select + Start
Toggle Config Menu
Hold Ctrl + Shift while launching the game Opens the Injection Compatibility Options

Framerate Unlocker

Keybinding Function
Ctrl + Shift + . Toggle 60 FPS cap

Camera and HUD

Keybindings can be changed in the control panel of FAR. Some non-English keyboard users might need to rebind the keys before they work.

Keybinding Function
Numpad 5 Turn on/off freelook (will disable XInput movement control)
Numpad / Lock Camera Origin
Ctrl + Shift + F11 Lock Camera Focus
Numpad - HUD Free Screenshots

Config Menu

Keybinding Function
Keyboard: Caps Lock
Gamepad: Hold Back/Select for 0.5 seconds
Toggle Exclusive Input Mode (game vs. config menu)
Keyboard: ///
Gamepad: D-pad
Cycle Through UI Items
Keyboard: Enter
Gamepad: A/×
Activate Selected Item
Keyboard: Ctrl + Shift + Backspace
Gamepad: B/
Exit Config Menu
Exclusive Keyboard Mode: Ctrl + Alt + ///
Gamepad: X/ + Left Analog Stick
Move the Control Panel

On-Screen Display (OSD)

Color and scale config is stored in Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\Global\osd.ini

Keybinding Function
Ctrl + Shift + O Toggle On Screen Display (OSD)
Ctrl + Shift + +/- Resize OSD
Ctrl + Shift + F Toggle Framerate Counter
Ctrl + Shift + T Toggle Clock / Version
Ctrl + Shift + G Toggle GPU Monitor
Ctrl + Shift + C Toggle CPU Monitor
Ctrl + Shift + M Toggle Memory Monitor
Ctrl + Shift + I Toggle I/O Monitor
Ctrl + Shift + D Toggle Disk Monitor
Ctrl + Shift + P Toggle Page File Monitor
Ctrl + Shift + R Toggle D3D11 Shader Analytics


Keybinding Function Usage
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Command Console See documentation for commands


  • DrDaxxy for fullscreen resolution fix and global illumination tweak.
  • Durante for ambient occlusion and bloom resolution tweak.
  • Francesco149 for framerate unlocker.
  • IDK31 and Smithfield for freecam look.
  • GitHub contributors