A free sample library from a real B-211.
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Steinway B-211

A free sample library of a real Steinway B-211 from 1960.
Probably the only realistic sample library I've ever made.

Preview of the sample library available on SoundCloud:


Do you want to just play standard MIDI files with piano samples, without having to pay for them?
Well, this is the right project for you!

Welcome to the Keppy's Steinway Piano project page on GitHub, where you can download a piano soundfont for free!

Please consider adding these lines to your video's description, to support the SoundFont:
"This soundfont was made by KaleidonKep99, you can find it here: https://github.com/KaleidonKep99/Steinway-B-211"


I just want a ready-to-use sample library, without having to add fancypants effects to it. Is this project good for me?
No. I recommend to search somewhere else, this is not the project for you.

This sample library sounds terrible with Black MIDIs, like for real... Why don't you [...]
This sample library is not meant for Black MIDIs anyway. How many times do I have to say that...

Main features

  • Sampled from a Steinway B-211.
  • HQ samples, WAV 16bit, 128-point sinc, 1536kbps.
  • Dynamic filtering, to emulate key pressures.
  • Multiple presets for all the tastes!
  • Can be edited as pleased with a generic notepad program! (Even the one built-in on Windows)

Requests from the project's creator

  1. If you want to publish it on your website, you can embed the page through an IFRAME tag or by inserting a direct link to this page. Please don't use direct download links.
  2. Please don't implement these samples in your personal soundfonts.

Read this part or do a barrel roll

Please don't complain about the samples being flat or stuff like that.
This soundfont has been made to give professional users a 360° field of view on B-211's sound, which they can tweak as they desire.
If you don't know how to do stuff like that, or you're just too lazy to do that, please refrain from using this project, and go somewhere else.

Why is it on GitHub?

As I said before, Keppy Studios has been closed, but I didn't want to kill this project.
So I gave it another chance, and moved it to GitHub.

Have fun.
~ Keppy