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Documentation: cpufreq: add description of timer_rate

Add description of timer_rate tunable and clean up some

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Signed-off-by: Allen Martin <>
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6 Documentation/cpu-freq/governors.txt
@@ -203,10 +203,10 @@ to MAX speed.
If the cpu was not sufficiently busy to immediately ramp to MAX speed,
then governor evaluates the cpu load since the last speed adjustment,
-choosing th highest value between that longer-term load or the
+choosing the highest value between that longer-term load or the
short-term load since idle exit to determine the cpu speed to ramp to.
-The tuneable value for this governor are:
+The tuneable values for this governor are:
min_sample_time: The minimum amount of time to spend at the current
frequency before ramping down. This is to ensure that the governor has
@@ -216,6 +216,8 @@ workload. Default is 80000 uS.
go_maxspeed_load: The CPU load at which to ramp to max speed. Default
is 85.
+timer_rate: Sample rate for reevaluating cpu load when the system is
+not idle. Default is 30000 uS.
3. The Governor Interface in the CPUfreq Core

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