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(in-package #:advanced-readtable)
;;;; This file contains hierarchy packages implementation
;;; process nicknames in hierarchy
;;; ex: cl-user.test == common-lisp-user.test
;;; cl-user.test.a == common-lisp-user.test.a
(defun normalize-package (name)
"Returns nil if already normalized.
Replace first section of hierarchy with proper name"
(let ((pos (position #\. name)))
(when pos
(if (= pos 0) ; .subpackage
(concatenate 'string (package-name *package*) name)
(let* ((base (subseq name 0 pos))
(p (find-package base)))
(when (and p (string/= (package-name p) base))
(concatenate 'string (package-name p) "."
(subseq name (1+ pos)))))))))
(flet ((parent (name)
(let ((pos (position #\. name :from-end t)))
(if pos (subseq name 0 pos) "")))
(relative-to (parent name)
((string= parent "") nil)
((string= name "") parent)
(t (concatenate 'string parent "." name)))))
(defun hierarchy-find-package (name package)
(when (string= name "")
(return-from hierarchy-find-package nil))
(if (char= (char name 0) #\.)
(do ((i 1 (1+ i))
(p (package-name package) (parent p)))
((or (= i (length name)) (char/= (char name i) #\.))
(find-package (relative-to p (subseq name i)))))
(let ((normalized (normalize-package name)))
(when normalized
(find-package normalized package))))))
(defun correct-package (designator)
(let ((p (find-package designator)))
(if p (package-name p) designator)))
(defmacro in-package (designator)
`(|CL|:in-package ,(correct-package (string designator))))
(defun process-local-nicknames (package pairs)
(let (res)
(dolist (pair pairs (nreverse res))
(destructuring-bind (sym orig) pair
(push (list 'push-local-nickname orig sym package) res)))))
(defmacro defpackage (package &rest options)
(let (post-commands new-options
(normalized (or (normalize-package (string package))
(dolist (option options)
(push (cons (car option)
(case (car option)
(:use (mapcar #'correct-package (cdr option)))
((:import-from :shadowing-import-from)
(cons (correct-package (second option)) (cddr option)))
(lambda (command)
(push command post-commands))
(process-local-nicknames normalized (cdr option)))
(go next)))
(t (cdr option))))
(|CL|:defpackage ,normalized . ,(nreverse new-options))
(defun substitute-symbol (stream symbol)
(declare (ignore stream))
(find-symbol (symbol-name symbol) #.*package*))
(set-handler *package-finders* :hierarchy #'hierarchy-find-package)
(defun activate-cl-substitutes ()
(set-macro-symbol '|CL|:in-package #'substitute-symbol)
(set-macro-symbol '|CL|:defpackage #'substitute-symbol)
(set-macro-symbol '|CL|:find-package #'substitute-symbol)
(set-macro-symbol '|CL|:find-symbol #'substitute-symbol))
(defun !! ()
(!) (activate-cl-substitutes))
(%set-handler *package-finders* :global-nicknames name
(gethash name *global-nicknames*))