An Android app that lets you search your contacts by voice. Internet not required. Based on Pocketsphinx. Uses Estonian acoustic models.
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Inimesed is an Android app that lets you search your contacts by voice. Since it uses the Android port of the Pocketsphinx speech recognizer, it does not require an internet connection. The current version of Inimesed uses Estonian acoustic models.

The FAQ tries to answer often occuring questions regarding porting Inimesed to other languages and use cases.

PocketSphinx on Android

In order to successfully build:

  • PocketSphinx libraries must be installed
  • swig must be installed
  • Android NDK must be installed (tested with: android-ndk-r9)
  • Android SDK must be installed
  • change SPHINX_PATH in jni/ to match your configuration
    • pocketsphinx (PocketSphinx 0.7 / PocketSphinx v0.5.99)
    • sphinxbase (Sphinxbase-0.7)

Follow to get everything installed.

Building for release

Run these commands in the app-directory. You need to have the files:

First time:

# Delete bin/ and gen/
ant clean

# This is needed only for the first time,
# and is run in jni-directory
cd jni/

# Create Java wrappers and pocketsphinx_wrap.c.
# They are already in the repository (generated using swig 2.0.4) so you do not
# necessarily need to run this.
# Note that swig 2.0.5+ breaks ndk_build. There is probably
# a simple solution to it but I haven't found it.
make swig_build

# Compile the c-files.
# First set an environment variable `ANDROID_NDK` to point to the Android NDK
make ndk_build

# Go back into the main directory
cd ..

# Compile and package everything for the release
# (asks for the release keys)
ant release

# Install
adb install -r bin/Inimesed-release.apk

Next time:

ant clean release
adb install -r bin/Inimesed-release.apk


Version tags are set by e.g.

git tag -a v0.8.18 -m 'version 0.8.18'

The last number should be even.


lint --html report.html .