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Canvas piano


  • A piano game featuring One More Light by Linkin Park


  • Piano drawn with <canvas> tag
  • Score of the player shown in the middle
  • Maluses and bonuses editable in JS
  • Activate or deactivate autoplay
  • Instrumental version of One More Light played in background
  • Played vocals as option
  • Relay in the menu
  • Number of keys keyMax adjustable in JS but need to download more sounds if the default value is increased
  • Starfield in background to remind the song title and movable according to mouse position of devien orientation
  • Stars speed up on bridge of the song
  • Menu draggable
  • Available on touch screen devices
  • AZERTY keyboard required
    • Black keys : ZETYUOP
    • White keys : QSDFGHJKLM


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS


  • Cannot deal with multiple simultaneous keypresses
  • Get delay and key for each bar manually
  • Do not mistake white keys indexes and black keys indexes
    • Black keys :
      • from 1 to keyMax-1 for bars[n].r for all n natural number
      • every key with an index n%7==0 or n%7==3 is deleted
    • White keys :
      • from 0 to keyMax-1 for bars[n].r for all n natural number
      • two keys are overflowed from the screen in order to create shadows to whiteKeys[1] and whiteKeys[keyMax]
  • Edit keyMax implies editing CSS for menu
  • Edit keyboard height implies editing CSS for some heights
  • Vocals might be shifted if not activated ate the beginning even if the current times of instrumental and vocals are the same when logged in console
  • Do not work well on devices if hosted in GitHub
    • sounds might need to be converted to .mp3
    • musics are not played or are shifted very late
    • need to add user-scalable:no to work when test on Google Chrome in order to prevent from rotation resizing but doens't work anymore when hosted


  • HTML
    • no W3C error
  • CSS
    • ::selection and property user-select not recognized by W3C
  • JS
    • Modernizr check


  • Clean CSS file and JS file
    • Use classes for the keys
  • Use Gulp template to seperate files
  • Redesign the game


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