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⚠️ This project will be refactored ⚠️
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Todo list application developed by Alain CAO VAN TRUONG

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

This projects was my first PHP experience and I intend to refactor it but whithout any framework.

Database location

  • database/


  • Homework about creating a todo list based on PHP and SQL
  • To do app allowing to note down tasks with their priority and their expiry date
  • Each task is associated with an user account
  • Đừng quên means Don't forget in vietnamese language



  • Create account
  • Define tasks
    • Add tasks
    • Delete tasks
    • Validate tasks
    • Invalidate tasks
  • Define priority
  • Define expiry date
  • Display by date
    • Display by day
    • Display by week
    • Display by month
    • Display by year
  • Edit tasks data
    • Edit tasks text
    • Edit tasks date
  • Show statistics
    • Show number of tasks missed
    • Show number of tasks done
    • Show number of total tasks
  • Order tasks by expiry date
  • Color tasks missed


  • PHP
  • Stylus
  • ES6
  • Gulp
  • URL Rewriting

Layout of the folder

  • config/ : all configuration files
  • src/ : working files
  • dist/ : exported files

Account provided

  • Name : Alain
  • Password : a
  • Task missed : at least 1
  • Tasks done : 5
  • Total tasks : 25

Improvement to do

  • Deal with users accounts
    • Password forgotten
    • Erase account
  • Manage smooth transitions
  • Interact with statistics
  • Simplify URL Rewriting rules
  • Use classes in PHP


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