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A quick scikit-learn implementation
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I built Yancy as a way to get my feet wet with scikit-learn again. I used it extensively 3+ years ago and had not touched it since.

This project was a super simple implementation. Please feel free to improve the code if you would like. I welcome all pull requests :)

The major learnings I had while developing this were:

  • deciding which models to use. I previously used an SVM to classify data years ago. this ended up being ineffective in classifying my data, and I switched to using a linear SVC.

  • working with env variables - prior to this, I ashamedly worked with hard coded env variables 90% of the time. this let me learn how to implement in python (I have used env variables in javascript for awhile now)

  • standing up postgresql - I have previously used postgresql but had not worked with it in years. I chose to use that as a way to refresh myself.

You can run the code after:

  • importing the data from the data/spam.csv file
  • passing in the following env variables:
    • host
    • dbname
    • user
    • password
    • port

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