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Contributions in the last year 1,974 total Mar 6, 2014 – Mar 6, 2015
Longest streak 19 days January 25 – February 12
Current streak 19 days February 16 – March 6
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  1. Merged #1222 Fix http runner json body parsing bug StackStorm/st2
  2. Closed #1221 Fix http runner json body parsing bug StackStorm/st2
  3. Closed #1220 Unify options and output for the following CLI commands: run, action execute, execution get, execution re-run StackStorm/st2
  4. Merged #1218 Execution get improvements - automatically infer action type from the execution and format user-friendly output accordingly StackStorm/st2
  5. Merged #1217 Remove example sensu rule StackStorm/st2
  6. Merged #151 [jira] Fix create_issue action StackStorm/st2contrib
  7. Proposed #1216 [DONT MERGE] Changes for v0.8.1 release StackStorm/st2
  8. Merged #1212 Allow user to exclude result from /actionexecutions, new endpoints for retrieving execution result, stdout and stderr StackStorm/st2
  9. Merged #1211 Action chain test improvements StackStorm/st2
  10. Merged #1189 Content registration message filtering improvements StackStorm/st2
  11. Merged #1185 Don't use colors in the CLI when running in the terminal which doesn't support it StackStorm/st2
  12. Merged #1179 Correctly preserve the username of the user who has triggered the action execution StackStorm/st2
  13. Merged #1172 Make action parameters schema not fail validation if required attribute specifies a default value and no value is provided StackStorm/st2
  14. Merged #1170 Print a success message when a resource has been deleted via CLI StackStorm/st2
  15. Merged #1169 Add default SSH connect timeout of 30 seconds to the linux.rsync command StackStorm/st2
  16. Merged #1164 Fix a bug with rule_tester not being copied over and installed on Fedora StackStorm/st2
  17. Merged #1163 Be consistent and also automatically start rabbitmq-server service on boot on Fedora based systems StackStorm/st2
  18. Merged #470 Use native match_hostname functionality from ssl module in Python >= 3.2 apache/libcloud
  19. Merged #1161 Print tarball name when submitting debug information to StackStorm StackStorm/st2