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Latency Monitor plugin

Simple Server Density agent plugin for monitoring network latency and packet loss, inspired by SmokePing.

Sample config file

The values can be changes in the latencymonitor.cfg file:

packet_count = 5      # The number of packets to send

ip_address_1 =
ip_address_2 =
ip_address_3 = 2001:05c0:1400:000b:0000:0000:0000:4cf7
  • packet_count - how many packets to send to each host
  • Hosts - In this section you put the addresses of the hosts you want to monitor (both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are supported, but for IPv6 to work, you need IPv6 connectivity on your server)

How long it takes for the plugin to complete depends on the packet_count variable and the number of hosts you monitor.

Sample output

This is how dictionary returned by this plugin might look like (yes, it's a dictionary of dictionaries):

{'latencymonitor': {'': {'packet_loss': '0', 'response_max': '2.432', 'response_min': '46.606', 'recv_packets': '5', 'response_avg': '49.351', 'trans_packets': '5'}, '': {'packet_loss': '0', 'response_max': '0.567', 'response_min': '0.762', 'recv_packets': '5', 'response_avg': '1.891', 'trans_packets': '5'}}}

Note: Plugin should work on both Linux and FreeBSD although, FreeBSD is currently not officially supported by Server Density.