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This is a Mod collection of several useful HUD altering mods. I've modified them and added features which I felt that were either needed or useful, or both. It was originally a recreated and updated version of GageHUD, since it was really painful to maintain with all the mixed up files. Over time I added more and more useful scripts and currently it becomes kind of an All-in-One solution... Not sure if I want it to become that, but at least I added ingame Options to turn off functions you don't like. ;)

I got the permission from Seven, ViciousWalrus, Undeadsewer, FishTaco, friendIyfire and Terminator01 for the use of their scripts and from Nervatel Hanging Closet Monster for using his icons.

Huge thanks to Kampfhörnchen for creating a better logo and a banner.

Keep in mind, that this is a development version. For a more stable release, get your version here.


(Click to view bigger version)


To make this mod work you will need to install either Better Lua injecTor aka BLT. Linux/ SteamOS users need to use BLT4L instead.

Installation (Direct Download):

  1. Click on the Clone or Download Button at the top of this site
  2. Click on the Download .ZIP Button
  3. Open the downloaded archive, using WinRAR or 7Zip
  4. Extract the WolfHUD-master folder into your 'PAYDAY 2/mods' folder
  5. Rename the folder WolfHUD-master to WolfHUD (if you want to)
  6. Start the game once. It will prompt you to update Federal Inventory and WolfHUD_Textures. Update both.

If you don't want/like Inventory Icons

To remove "Federal Inventory" go to your PAYDAY 2/assets/mod_overrides/Federal Inventory folder and delete the guis folder. Then open revision.txt and change the number to a higher one, to prevent future updates.

Bug reports

If you encounter any bugs, feel free to post about it on the issues tab! Please try to provide information from your crashlog and the actions you and your teammates were doing, when you crashed. ;) The Crashlog can be found at %localappdata%/PAYDAY 2/crashlog.txt. The BLT log can be found at PAYDAY 2/mods/logs/.

Included Mods


  • English made by me
  • German made by me
  • Russian made by chrom[K]a, Magic3000 & MEXAHOTABOP
  • Korean made by Я!zu
  • Spanish made by papydeath95 & ElReyZero1201
  • Chinese made by zhongfly
  • French made by Elise MRX (La Mule)

Big credit goes to all of you! Without your awesome mods, I would have quitted this game a long time ago! If I forgot to mention you, I'm really sorry. Please feel free to contact me, so I can credit you, for the awesome stuff you have made :)