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the Project CODE traveler area

Mission Statement

Information should be available to anyone who wants to learn and it shouldn't cost anything.

The concept is to use computers to assist people with learning things, hence the computer oriented part of the name. The developmental part comes from the idea that we are not actually teaching people the skills, we are merely assisting them in self education. We are called guides, not instructors or any other term. We are not developing any courses, but are merely gathering the freely available material and aggregating it onto the website.

This shows the importance of us being guides and not instructors. With a basic interview with the traveler at the start of the class, we are able to help them choose a path, and, using our technical expertise, we are able to further guide them in the right direction to accomplish their goals.

Most training of a technical nature requires a subject matter expert, but not in this case. This is the innovative part of the project; by merely guiding the traveler, we are able to use our general skills to assist them in learning the subjects themselves. I don't have to know HTML in order to help a traveler learn HTML, I merely have to be available to help guide them down the path by using research and problem solving techniques.

Watch the movie at then check out the free training on the training page.


the CODE project traveler area




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