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JavaScript 0 822


forked from furf/jquery-ui-touch-punch

A duck punch for adding touch events to jQuery UI

Updated Sep 29, 2014

JavaScript 0 174


forked from roncioso/Flip-jQuery

Flip! is a jQuery plugin that enables card-flip animations with only css animation

Updated Aug 7, 2014

JavaScript 0 85


forked from aishek/jquery-animateNumber

jQuery animate number plugin

Updated Jul 28, 2014

JavaScript 0 421


forked from tuupola/jquery_jeditable

jQuery edit in place plugin. Extendable via plugin architecture. Plugins for plugin. Really.

Updated Apr 28, 2014

JavaScript 51 803


forked from BorisMoore/jquery-tmpl

A templating plugin. Originally from Microsoft that was abandoned, we have continued development.

Updated Apr 11, 2014

JavaScript 0 26


forked from scribe-analytics/scribe-analytics

An open source JavaScript library for capturing all user interaction data into pluggable back-ends.

Updated Jan 29, 2014

Python 0 572


forked from nvie/rq

Simple job queues for Python

Updated Jan 24, 2014

Python 0 21


forked from p/redis-dump-load

Dump redis databases, load data into redis - in Python

Updated Jan 23, 2014

JavaScript 6 3


Brightcove MAPI wrapper for jQuery that helps you create custom dynamic solutions that work with the Brightcove Video platform.

Updated Jan 6, 2014

JavaScript 2 2


Javascript URI parser.

Updated Jan 6, 2014

JavaScript 0 575


forked from jquerytools/jquerytools

The missing UI library for the Web

Updated Jan 3, 2014

JavaScript 0 10,386


forked from jquery/jquery

jQuery JavaScript Library

Updated Dec 18, 2013

JavaScript 0 2


forked from rentzsch/Math.uuid.js

fork of Robert Kieffer's Math.uuid.js in jquery.pkg format

Updated Dec 16, 2013

Python 1 1


Library to implement a well-behaved Unix daemon process.

Updated Dec 10, 2013

JavaScript 5 5


Multi-Select side by side jQuery plugin

Updated Dec 9, 2013

JavaScript 1 1


Collapsible checkbox tree jQuery plugin

Updated Dec 6, 2013

JavaScript 0 11


forked from dio-el-claire/jquery-multiselect

jQuery plugin that converts <select> input with attribute multiple into group of checkboxes with ability to add new values.

Updated Dec 6, 2013

JavaScript 1 229


forked from ericmmartin/simplemodal

A modal dialog framework for jQuery

Updated Dec 5, 2013

Python 0 4


forked from hellysmile/django-mongo-sessions

mongodb as Django sessions backend

Updated Oct 4, 2013


forked from yui/yuicompressor

YUI Compressor

Updated Sep 30, 2013

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