An experimental 3D STL slicer and gcode generator for RepRap 3D printer.
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An experimental stl slicer and gcode generator written in C++. This code is based on schlizzer, written by Paul Geisler.

Usage: ./katana inputfile.stl outputfile.gcode

Important features missing in respect to Slic3r:

  • No discrimination of 'solid' and 'fill' areas. They are handled equally with fill_density=1.
  • Only 'rectilinear' fill pattern supported.
  • No contour correction of perimeter and infill, so the object exceeds the specified .stl
  • Bad route planning leading to bad movement order with useless many and long travels
  • Even worse planning for 'non manifold' objects (most of thingyverse i guess..)
  • No brim, skirt, cooling etc.
  • No automatic placement and z leveling
  • Generated Gcode need to be extended before printing