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pdf2text (with Google Vision API)

This script will convert your multi pages PDF file to text file using Google VISION API


run below command in ubuntu

sudo apt-get install poppler-utils mupdf-tools git python3-pip ghostscript

sudo pip3 install requests --ignore-installed

sudo pip3 install configparser --ignore-installed

sudo pip3 install google-api-python-client --ignore-installed

sudo pip3 install oauth2client --ignore-installed

sudo pip3 install telegram-send

Folder Setup

create a folder named "input". Keep all the PDF files here.

create a folder named "output". The output text files will be stored here.

create a folder named "completed_source_files". The completed PDF files will be moved here.

API Setup

API Setup

  • Create a new project for this tool to access your Google drive

  • Enable the following Google APIs in "APIs & auth/APIs"

    • Drive API
  • Make sure your application has an application name in "APIs & auth/Consent screen"

    • Find "PRODUCT NAME" field. Make sure it's not blank.
  • Grant access to Google Drive for pdf2text in "APIs & auth/Credentials"

    • Click "Create new Client ID", APPLICATION TYPE: Installed application, INSTALLED APPLICATION TYPE: Other
    • Check the section "Client ID for native application", click at the "Download JSON".
    • save the json file as "client_secret.json" in the same folder where script is.

When running, it will open a browser and ask to login to gmail and give permission to the project. Do as mentioned on the screen.

First run

  • Keep all the PDF files to be OCR in the folder "input"

  • Copy the PDf file you want to convert to text in the "input" folder, where file is.

  • Make sure there is no space in the pdf file name. Rename to replace all the spaces with "_"

  • Check the config.ini for Columns number. Set 1 (default) or 2.

  • run the below command

python3 --noauth_local_webserver 

It will show a link. Open the link in browser. Login to your gmail account, which you used to generate client_secret.json It will show a Key. Copy the Key and paste in the console. Press Enter.

It will proceed further with converting the PDF files to text.

Once, all the execution is done, check the folder "output" for a file, with a name "all_text_for_YOUR_PDF_FILE.PDF.txt"

second run

For second runs, you can run as below



this script can process single column PDF files and double column PDF files.

Single column is default.

For double column files, set columns = 2 in config.ini

notifications via telegram

If you want to get notifications via telegram, setup telegram-send for a group

telegram-send --configure-group

read here for further details.

How it works?

  • Python gets the PDF file from input folder
  • splits using pdfseparate
  • cuts the pdf vertically based on column number using mutool
  • stitches the pdf using pdfunite
  • converts the PDF to JPG using gs (Ghostscript)
  • Python sends the image to google and gets as text
  • Python combines all text to one single text file.
  • Once done, moves the pdf file to the folder "completed_source_files"
  • moves the "all_text_for_YOUR_PDF_FILE.PDF.txt" file to the folder "output"
  • Deletes all the temporary folders.


  • added functionality to convert all the PDF files in "input" folder, automatically
  • cleared the issues with the filenames
  • using telegram-send to post the OCR completion status to a telegram group. (It is not working sometimes. Disabled this feature)


Project to convert PDF files to Text files using google OCR







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