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pdf2text (with Google Vision API)

This script will convert your multi pages PDF file to text file using Google VISION API


run below command in ubuntu

sudo apt-get install poppler-utils mupdf-tools git python3-pip

sudo pip3 install requests

sudo pip3 install configparser


  1. setup VISOION API in Google Cloud Console

See here for the links on setting up

Note: You need a valid credit card to create a Billing Account in Google Cloud.

  1. you will get a VISION API as a big string.

  2. Enter the required details in config.ini


file_name = 
columns = 
google_vision_api_key =


mutool = /usr/bin/mutool
pdfseparate = /usr/bin/pdfseparate
pdfunite = /usr/bin/pdfunite
gs = /usr/bin/gs

In the [settings] section,

give the PDF file name in file_name

give the column number

give the google_vision_api_key

in the [application_path] section,

give the full path for mutool, pdfseparate, pdfunite and gs.



How it works?

  • Python gets the PDF file
  • splits using pdfseparate
  • cuts the pdf vertically based on column number using mutool
  • stitches the pdf using pdfunite
  • converts the PDF to JPG using gs (Ghostscript)
  • Python sends the image to google and gets as text
  • Python combines all text to one single text file.