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An easy to use simple multi-purpose discord bot for your server
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Kanna Bot

An easy to use, simple multi-purpose discord bot for your server.

Kanna Bot Logo

Version 1.0.4

Doesn't support music playback. (server costs :/)


It's pretty straight forward to use the bot. Invite the bot, and type .help to view all the available commands.

Follow this link to invite the bot:

Invite Kanna Bot to your Server! | View Trello Board for Bot | Support Me (Patreon)



These are some suggestions (not mandatory) :-

  1. Create a role solely dedicated to the bot (Ex: The Watcher) and give it the Administrator role
  2. Keep no restrictions for the bot
  3. Create a #textchannel called reports for the report command to work
  4. Create a #textchannel called incidents for the kick/ban command to work



  • .help : Lists all available commands
  • .info : Shows bot and server information


  • .report <user-mention> [reason] : Allows users to report people. Example: .report @Drago#0542 idiot
  • .kick <user-mention> [reason] : Allows admin to kick users from server. Example: .kick @koolDog#4932 breaking rules
  • .ban <user-mention> [reason] : Allows admin to ban users from server. Example: .ban @DaBamboozle#7190 broke several rules
  • .mute <user-mention> [time s/m/h/d] : Allows admin to mute an user for a certain period of time. Example: .mute @Pikachuu#6319 6h
  • .role [add/rmv] <user-mention> {role-name} : Allows admin to add/remove an user to/from a role. Example: .role add @hayabuzaYasuo#3552 Admin

Game Stats


  • .fbr <epic-username [platform pc/xbl/psn] : Shows lifetime stats of user. Example: .fbr Ninja pc
  • .fbr <epic-username> [platform pc/xbl/psn] {mode all/season} : Shows Solo/Duo/Squad stats (all) and Season Solo/Duo/Squad stats (season). Example: .fbr Ninja pc season
  • .fbr drop : Randomly picks a spot on the fortnite map

League of Legends (NA ONLY, NO 24x7 SUPPORT)

  • .lol <summoner-name> : Shows the profile overview of user. Example: .lol parrot15


  • .ow <username#battleTag> [platform pc/psn/xbl] : Shows profile stats of user. Example: .ow Finnsi#2664 pc
  • .ow <username#battleTag> [platform pc/psn/xbl] top/heroes : Shows Top 5 hero stats of user. Example: .ow Finnsi#2664 pc top

Rocket League

  • .rl [platform pc/psn/xbl] <id> : Shows game stats | Note: <id> refers to the user's STEAMID64 (for pc), PSN Username (for ps4), and XboxGamerTag (for XboxOne). Example: .rl pc 76561198118691382 (the number is the STEAMID64 since I requested PC stats)


  • .crypto : Shows global stats for all crypto's
  • .crypto top : Shows top 10 crypto stats
  • .crypto <coin-name/symbol> : Shows specific coin stats. Example: .crypto eth (or) .crypto bitcoin


  • .motivate : Gets a random motivation quote/image from reddit. r/GetMotivated


  • .meme : Gets a random meme from meme subreddits on reddit
  • .meme <number 2-10> : Gets <number> random memes from meme subreddits on reddit


  • .joke : Gets a randome joke from reddit
  • .dadjoke : Gets a random dad joke
  • .dadjoke <number 2-10> : Gets <number> random dad jokes


  • .issue : Report an issue with the bot. Any unresponsive commands.
  • .donate : Can keep the bot running by donating for server costs :)


  • .def <term> : Gets definition of from
  • .dog : Displays a random dog image or gif
  • .cat : Displays a random cat image or gif
  • .8ball <question?> : Generates an 8ball response to a question
  • .flip : Flips a coin. Heads or Tails
  • .roll : Rolls a dice. 1,2,3,4,5,6

More Commands Coming Soon...


View CHANGELOG for changes made to the bot over time.


Feel free to fork the repository and pull request it.

All I ask of you is to comment your code so that it would be easy to review it, and also use the template from for structuring your pull request.

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