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Kano Apps

Apps is a small app installer and launcher for the Kano OS. It downloads apps from Kano World and installs them on your system. Being focused on ease of use, it colour codes each application and may provide custom icons for some.

Kano World Window

The applications are divided into several categories in the directory:

  • Code,
  • Games,
  • Media,
  • Others,
  • Tools,
  • and Experimental.

The program is written entirely in Python using GTK 3.12 via the gi bindings.

It also reads the desktop entries from /usr/share/applications/ and displays them on the Others pane.


To install Apps on your system, get the kano-apps from our package repository:

sudo apt-get install kano-apps

If not on Kano OS, you might need to add our repo to your sources list:

deb release main


This project doesn't require any compiling to run, just clone the repo and run the main script:

git clone
cd kano-apps/bin


We welcome anyone who would like contribute to this project. Check out the bug tracker and wiki. You might also find some useful information in the generic contributor's guidelines that apply to all of our projects.


This program is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPLv2. See the LICENSE file for the full text.