Managing small Debian repositories
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Kano Repository Manager

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dr (stands for debian repository) is a Debian repository management tool. It will help you set up and maintain your own small package repository for any Debian-based distribution. You can keep your sources in git and use the dr tool to manage builds, versions, and releases. It works particularly well in case your development is very fast and you ship new versions of your packages often (even several times a day).

The following diagram illustrates how dr works. It takes source packages that are managed in git repositories, builds them and serves them in different suites. For more information, please see this project's wiki.

How dr operates

It is the tool we use to manage our software repository and the custom packages for Kano OS. The application is written in Ruby, building on top of many other tools (such as reprepro, debuild, debhelper, and others).

Here is like it looks like in the terminal:

Example of using dr


In order to generate new build roots you will require debootstrap. A bug in versions prior to 1.0.72 would cause issues with unpacking packages in a foreign environment before processing Pre-Depends, causing packages to fail to install. To avoid this issue, ensure that you are using debootstrap >= 1.0.72.