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# Copyright (C) 2015 Kano Computing Ltd.
# License: GNU General Public License v2
Module to enable profiling timepoints. This module is loaded
only if the configuration file exists, see for more information
import os
import sys
import yaml
import cProfile
from kano.logging import logger
from kano.profiling import CONF_FILE
conf = None
myProfile = cProfile.Profile()
app_name = sys.argv[0]
point_current = ""
def load_config():
global conf
# load the configuration file
with open(CONF_FILE, 'r') as inp_conf:
conf = yaml.load(inp_conf)
def has_key(d, k):
return type(d) is dict and k in d
def declare_timepoint(name, isStart):
global myProfile
global point_current
cmd = None
pythonProfile = False
# Check if the app is contained in the profiling conf file
if has_key(conf, app_name):
# Check if the timepoint name is contained in the profiling conf file
if has_key(conf[app_name], name):
ct = conf[app_name][name]
# Check if python profiler should be started for this timepoint
if has_key(ct, 'python'):
pythonProfile = True
if isStart:
if point_current:
logger.error('Stop profiling for point "{0}" and do "{1}" instead'.format(point_current, name))
point_current = name
if point_current != name:
logger.error('Can\'t stop point "{0}" since a profiling session for "{1}" is being run'.format(name, point_current))
# Check if the statfile location in specified
if ct['python']['statfile']:
except IOError as e:
if e.errno == 2:
logger.error('Path to "{}" probably does not exist'.format(ct['python']['statfile']))
logger.error('dump_stats IOError: errno:{0}: {1} '.format(e.errno, e.strerror))
logger.error('No statfile entry in profiling conf file "{}"'.format(CONF_FILE))
point_current = ""
else:'Profiling conf file doesnt enable the Python profiler for point {} at app {}'.format(name, app_name))
# Check if we want to run some other command at this timepoint
if isStart and has_key(ct, 'start_exec'):
cmd = ct['start_exec']
if not isStart and has_key(ct, 'end_exec'):
cmd = ct['end_exec']
else:'Profiling conf file doesnt include point:{} for app {}'.format(name, app_name))
else:'Profiling conf file doesnt include app:{}'.format(app_name))
logger.debug('timepoint '+name, transition=name, isStart=isStart, cmd=cmd, pythonProfile=pythonProfile)