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radujipa Configure dpkg to run in noninteractive mode to avoid freezes
This tells dpkg and anything using it to run in noninteractive
mode such that it doesn't use programs like 'whiptail' to ask for
user input which is not supported by the Updater.
Latest commit d9f5c90 Jul 6, 2018



kano-updater is the easiest way to keep your Kano (or other Debian-based) OS up-to-date. It not only performs upgrades of your Python modules and Debian packages, but also cleans the system and expands the SD Card if needed.

Check all the information on the Wiki





Part of raspi-config

See LICENSE file for copyright and license details

Used in Kanux during interactive partition resizing - kano-update rc=0 means resize scheduled for next reboot rc=1 means partition already resized any other value means error, look at syslog for details