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App to learn programming using a basic CoffeeScript drawing API
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Make Art

An app for learning programming using a basic CoffeeScript drawing API

Screenshot of the App

You can try the app here »


git clone
cd make-art


Build the app before running it

  • yarn build


  • yarn serve

Open your browser at http://localhost:4000


Run the watch script when developing

  • yarn watch


To build in the offline mode for Kano OS add these ENV vars:

OFFLINE=true NODE_ENV=production gulp

Since Node JS isn't included by default on the kit and the offline backend is implemented in Python, the easiest way to debug on the kit is to build the static assets on your machine and rsync them over to the kit as follows:

rsync -av make-art "user@ip:~/make-art"

On Kano OS, go to the bin/ directory and launch the kano-draw script which will start the server and open a python-webkit browser with Make Art.

user@kano-os ~ $ cd ~/make-art/bin
user@kano-os ~ $ ./kano-draw
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