Error when pressing play on certain Pi's #9

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tombettany commented Nov 15, 2013

The error only occurs on certain Pi's (is it related to the Minecraft API error which also is Pi dependent?)

The error message is:

/opt/make-music/app/scripts/vendor/osc-ruby/lib/osc-ruby/client.rb:6:in `connect': getaddrinfo: Name or service not known (SocketError)
  from /opt/make-music/app/scripts/vendor/osc-ruby/lib/osc-ruby/client.rb:6:in `initialize'
  from /opt/make-music/app/gui/../../app/scripts/run-code.rb:33:in `new'
  from /opt/make-music/app/gui/../../app/scripts/run-code.rb:33:in `initialize'
  from /opt/make-music/app/gui/../../app/scripts/run-code.rb:255:in `new'
  from /opt/make-music/app/gui/../../app/scripts/run-code.rb:255:in `initialize'
  from /opt/make-music/app/gui/../../app/scripts/run-code.rb:320:in `new'
  from /opt/make-music/app/gui/../../app/scripts/run-code.rb:320:in `<main>'

The error has been seen in Sonic Pi (the original package from Sam Aaron) so it probably isn't specific to our packaging and should probably push fix upstream.


skarbat commented Nov 15, 2013

No idea what this is meant to do yet, but just to follow the lead.. this looks like an attempt to resolve "localhost" on port 4556 to send UDP traffic:

alex5imon closed this Nov 29, 2013

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