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Terminal Quest

This is the source code for the Terminal Quest app available for Kano OS. It is an introduction to terminal commands in the style of a text adventure game.

How to install it

Kano OS

linux-story is installed by default on Kano OS, and is provided as a debian package in our repositories. As it has a lot of dependencies from other packages in Kano OS, it is recommended you run it on Kano OS.

  • Package name: linux-story
  • Executable: /usr/bin/linux-story-gui

How Terminal Quest works

For a more detailed breakdown, read the development wiki page.


linux-story-gui launches the application Terminal Quest at different points in the story.

  linux-story-gui [-d | --debug]
  linux-story-gui challenge <challenge> <step> [-d | --debug]

   -h, --help       Show this message.
   -d, --debug      Debug mode, don't hide the terminal and spellbook widgets by default at the start.

Make sure your environment exposes PYTHONIOENCODING=UTF-8 for correct i18n translations throughout the adventure.