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# Copyright (C) 2014-2017 Kano Computing Ltd.
# License: GNU GPL v2
# A chapter of the story
from linux_story.StepTemplate import StepTemplate
from linux_story.story.terminals.terminal_ls import TerminalLs
from linux_story.sound_manager import SoundManager
from linux_story.helper_functions import wrap_in_box
class StepLs(StepTemplate):
TerminalClass = TerminalLs
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
class Step1(StepLs):
story = [
_("{{wb:Alarm}}: {{Bb:\"Beep beep beep! Beep beep beep!\"}}"),
_("{{wb:Radio}}: {{Bb:\"Good Morning, this is the 9am news.\"\n"),
_("\"The town of Folderton has awoken to strange news. There have been reports of missing people and "
"damaged buildings across the town, with more stories coming in as we speak.\""),
_("\n\"Mayor Hubert has called an emergency town meeting and we'll keep you posted as it "
_("It's time to get up sleepy head!\n "),
] # TODO: " \ is a hack in this array to stop word wrap code screwing up and adding new lines in where it shouldn't
story += wrap_in_box([
_("{{gb:New Power:}} Type {{yb:ls}} and press"),
_("{{ob:Enter}} to {{lb:look around}}."),
start_dir = "~/my-house/my-room"
end_dir = "~/my-house/my-room"
commands = "ls"
highlighted_commands = ["ls"]
hints = [
_("{{rb:Type}} {{yb:ls}} {{rb:and press}} {{ob:Enter}} {{rb:to take a look around your bedroom.}}")
def _run_at_start(self):
sound_manager = SoundManager()
def next(self):
return 2, 1