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Redesign for fashion brand Rick Owens
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Deadline: Started Dec 20th, 2016 and expected completion is Jan 2nd, 2017

Ideas and Planned Features: -Dedicated to different items? -Geobaskets, Ramones, adidas collab -clothing items? -full website details with anchor links -Lookbook for different outfits of clothing items -Simple and Minimalistic -All bags and jewelry is OS[one size]


Rick Owens is one of my favorite fashion brands, and a dream client of mine would be a Fashion or Advertisement company. This was also a challenge for me to "create" or "sell" a marketable product. This project calls for my attention to detail and ability to make a product aesthetically appealing.


  1. Dream Client idea. Basically work on a project as if you was hired by that company or person. --constraints: it's not pratical to entirely redesign heavy code aspects of the websites or to add trival things such as a privacy policy or a press kit, which is why many links are dead links. However I still included them to give it the feel of a live website. -solve a problem as well??? -Women fashion has also always been an inspiration source which helps me create simple and beautiful interfaces for fashion sites.
  2. I explored sites like dribble, httpster, siiimple, awwwards for inspiration on various fashion websites. I also went to actual fashion websites to see how they market and layout their content.
    • I spent a couple of days on this due to the countless amounts of fashion companies that all have beautiful and interactive websites.
  3. Decided to go with one of the brands that I love which is Rick Owens.
  4. Started by drawing out different layouts by pencil so that I can get a sense of how I want to organzie the website and what kind of styles I want to use. Moved onto precursorapp and balsmiq to refine the wireframe and prototyping
  5. Chose a layout and started collecting professional photos of the clothing items, I am using stock images from the Rick Owens website and searching for different images that I could use for a lookbook.
  6. Mobile first design with different breakpoints to see what needs to be adjusted based on screen size.
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