A CouchDB/PouchDB Service for Feathers
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A CouchDB/PouchDB CRUD service for FeathersJS.

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You can install this package as a npm dependency by running:

npm install @kapmug/feathers-nano

Getting started

Here is an example of creating a Feathers service using feathers-nano as the database adapter.

import feathers from 'feathers'
import rest from 'feathers-rest'
import service from '../lib'
import nano from 'nano'

const app = feathers().configure(rest())

const options = {
  name: 'tests',
  connection: nano({
    url: `http://localhost:5984`,
  database: 'test',
  paginate: false,

app.use('tests', service(options))
app.service('tests').get('18423385ef707d5fb46c61e7d70148a4').then(res => console.log(res)).catch(console.log)


Although FeathersJS provides many official database adapters, currently there is no adapter for CouchDB/PouchDB. This package is a preliminary implementation of a non-official CouchDB/PouchDB adapter.