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Pyramid is a small, fast Python web framework. It is developed as part of the [Pylons Project]( It is licensed under a [BSD-like license](
Steve Piercy
* [](
* [@steve_piercy](
Generate docset
##Generate docset
To generate the Pyramid docset for Dash:
1. [Generate the docs for Pyramid using Sphinx](
1. Follow the instructions for [Python, Sphinx or PyDoctor-Generated Documentation](
1. Follow the instructions for [Python, Sphinx or PyDoctor-Generated Documentation]( These instructions are general, so see the Tips below for additional help.
It's assumed that you have built the docs for Pyramid, installed doc2dash, forked and cloned the `Dash-User-Contributions` repository, and are using Mac OS X.
###Add built Pyramid docs to Dash app
Add the built Pyramid docs as a docset to the Dash application. `-f` forces an overwrite. `-i` adds an icon to the docset.
/path/to/doc2dash -A -n Pyramid -d /path/to/cloned/repo/Dash-User-Contributions/docsets/Pyramid -f -i /path/to/cloned/repo/Dash-User-Contributions/docsets/Pyramid/icon.png /path/to/cloned/pyramid/repo/docs/_build/html
###Copy the larger icon to the Dash.docset
cp /path/to/cloned/repo/Dash-User-Contributions/docsets/Pyramid/icon@2x.png /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application\ Support/doc2dash/DocSets/Pyramid.docset/icon@2x.png
###tar up the docset for a pull request
cd /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application\ Support/doc2dash/DocSets
tar --exclude='.DS_Store' -cvzf Pyramid.tgz Pyramid.docset
### move the archived docset into your local repo
mv Pyramid.tgz /path/to/cloned/repo/Dash-User-Contributions/docsets/Pyramid/Pyramid.tgz
###Share the archive
Commit your changes, push to your repository, and submit a pull request.
[Report an issue on GitHub](

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