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Pyramid is a small, fast Python web framework. It is developed as part of the Pylons Project. It is licensed under a BSD-like license.


Steve Piercy

##Generate docset

To generate the Pyramid docset for Dash:

  1. Generate the docs for Pyramid using Sphinx.
  2. Follow the instructions for Python, Sphinx or PyDoctor-Generated Documentation. These instructions are general, so see the Tips below for additional help.


It's assumed that you have built the docs for Pyramid, installed doc2dash, forked and cloned the Dash-User-Contributions repository, and are using Mac OS X.

###Add built Pyramid docs to Dash app

Add the built Pyramid docs as a docset to the Dash application. -f forces an overwrite. -i adds an icon to the docset.

/path/to/doc2dash -A -n Pyramid -d /path/to/cloned/repo/Dash-User-Contributions/docsets/Pyramid -f -i /path/to/cloned/repo/Dash-User-Contributions/docsets/Pyramid/icon.png /path/to/cloned/pyramid/repo/docs/_build/html

###Copy the larger icon to the Dash.docset

cp /path/to/cloned/repo/Dash-User-Contributions/docsets/Pyramid/icon@2x.png /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application\ Support/doc2dash/DocSets/Pyramid.docset/icon@2x.png

###Update the docset.json file to the current version of Pyramid

    "name": "Pyramid",
    "version": "1.6.1",
    "archive": "Pyramid.tgz",
    "author": {
        "name": "Steve Piercy",
        "link": "https://twitter.com/steve_piercy"
    "aliases": [],
    "specific_versions": []

###tar up the docset for a pull request

cd /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application\ Support/doc2dash/DocSets
tar --exclude='.DS_Store' -cvzf Pyramid.tgz Pyramid.docset

move the archived docset into your local repo

mv Pyramid.tgz /path/to/cloned/repo/Dash-User-Contributions/docsets/Pyramid/Pyramid.tgz

###Share the archive

Commit your changes, push to your repository, and submit a pull request.


Report an issue on GitHub.