Docset Contribution Checklist

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General requirements

  • You must maintain your docset! Always update it to the latest stable version as soon as possible
  • You must try to fix any issues/bugs that might be reported

Docset requirements

  • The docset name must match the official API name (e.g., if you make a docset for PostgreSQL, don't call it psql)
  • The docset must not include a version in its Info.plist or in the docset filename
  • All pages must work offline (online resources are okay only if there's absolutely no way to avoid them)
  • The docset index must not contain entries with new lines in them or empty entries or broken paths
  • The docset must be useful to a wide audience (don't contribute a docset that only you or your team will use)

Optional, but highly recommended

  • Docset should have an icon
  • Docset should have an index page set
  • Docset should have JavaScript enabled if it needs it
  • Docset should have table of contents support if it makes sense
  • Docset should be optimised for display in Dash
    • This generally means that the pages should work properly when the browser width is small, preferably with no horizontal scrolling
    • Any sidebars the pages might have should be removed and replaced by table of contents support or general docset entries
  • Page titles (<title> tags) should not contain the name of the docset; the user can determine the current docset by looking at the icon
    • Exception: docsets for a specific/older version should include the version number
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