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Finalize Chemical Elements cheatsheet

Changed from "Table of Elements" to "Chemical Elements"
Moved to resources folder; removed generator folder
Added indexes for name and atomic number
Generator code now writes directly to cheatsheet .rb file
Undid change to encouraging use of generators directory
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dtgriscom committed Jul 11, 2018
1 parent a3aabf4 commit 94c353945512a2909605930b29c2426d06321692
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@@ -26,7 +26,3 @@ Try to use [Title Case]( onl
Try not to include really common keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Copy, Paste, Undo, Select All).
Keyboard modifiers should be listed in this order: `CMD+CTRL+ALT+SHIFT`.
**4. Generating code (if any)**
If your cheatsheet is automatically generated from some net-available source, you can put your (Ruby) code into the `generators` directory, so that it's easy to regenerate it when the source changes.
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