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Simple and intelligent system for creating and work with thumbnails
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Simple and intelligent system for creating and work with thumbnails



The best way to install Kappa\ThumbnailsHelper is using Composer:

$ composer require kappa/thumbnails-helper:@dev


You must register extension:

    thumb: Kappa\ThumbnailsHelper\DI\ThumbnailsHelperExtension

Into presenter or control where you can use this helper add filter (helper)

$template->addFilter('thumb', array($this->thumbnailsHelper, 'process')) // for Nette 2.2
$template->registerHelper('thumb', array($this->thumbnailsHelper, 'process')) // for Nette 2.1

Method in callback must be process()!

and you can use helper in templates

<img src="{$photo|thumb:'100x300':'fit'}">

Size can be in next formats:

  • 100x - Width will be 100px and height will be automatically calculated
  • x100 - Width will be automatically calculated and height will be 100px
  • 100x100 - Size will be 100pxx100px

Third argument is resize type, for more info see documentation in czech only

Helper can be configure in config:

  • thumbDir: - set path to thumb dir with %wwwDir% (example %wwwDir%/thumbs)
  • sizeUp - you can set to true or false when you want small image resize to big image
  • controlFrequency - you can set count of days for invalidate storage (remove all thumbnails and create a new only from usages images). If you set this option on false or remove option automatically control has been disabled
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